Location Sound Recordist and Post-production Sound mixer for feature length film Filterphonic When Riley finds out about his mother’s terminal illness, he sets out on a path of self sabotage, abandoning his pursuit of a music career, only to re-discover his passion through a local musical theatre group. Director: Lee Galea DOP: Bernard Winter Soundtrack availableContinue reading “Filterphoinc”

The Coin

Location sound recordist for short film The Coin The Coin is the story of a supermarket trolley collector Suli, and his quest to find a rare lost coin. Official Selection Sydney Film Festival 2018 – Australia Official Selection New Haven International Film Festival 2019 – USA Official Selection St Kilda Film Festival 2019 – AustraliaContinue reading “The Coin”

The Comet Kids

Sound recordist for feature length film The Comet Kids. In order to protect his father’s discovery, Lucas and his five friends go on the adventure of a lifetime to find the piece of a passing Comet that crash lands near their hometown in the 1950’s. Director: Glenn Triggs DOP: Bernard Winter Out now: Buy on DVD StreamContinue reading “The Comet Kids”


Location Sound and Audio Post Production for 6 part TV series originally aired on C31 Melbourne in 2016 Sonnigsburg is a mystery; a town in the woods that hasn’t been visited for seventy years. Or so the legend goes. Nearby is the town of Mount Sunshine – and it’s there that our main character, Savannah, stops onContinue reading “Sonnigsburg”

Cat Sick Blues

Sound recordist for feature length film Cat Sick Blues. Suffering a mental breakdown after the death of his cat, introverted loner Ted convinces himself that in order to bring his beloved pet back to life, he needs nine human lives to sacrifice in its place. Constructing a cat costume, complete with mask and razor-sharp claws, TedContinue reading “Cat Sick Blues”

Fix Her Up

Location Sound and Audio Post Production for 6 part TV series originally aired on C31 Melbourne in 2016 Four wildly different women struggle to find love, success and happiness in all-female office, under the scrutiny of their ball-breaking boss.  

Hope City

Sound recordist for short film Hope City. HOPE CITY is the story of Majak, a South Sudanese teenager and his ambitions of returning to his home country and reuniting with his long lost mother. A story about a new life, dreams and the past. Director: Thomas Baricevie DOP: Charlie Sarroff

The Fabric

Katrina, a teenager whose family have taken refuge in the country town of Shepparton from war torn Sudan, is seeking a way out and a desire for the big city. A chance meeting with local teenage boy Charlie, who shows her the town in a new light. Director: Thomas Baricevic

The Unknown Land

Sound recordist for short film The Unkown Land. Richard a writer, in his late fifties and his wife Susan a painter, lost all their possessions in recent bush fires. They are rebuilding their lives in a house built near a disused gold mine. What we learn is. What comes out of the earth must goContinue reading “The Unknown Land”

Going Our Way

Location sound and post production audio for the web series Going Our Way (2011) This is the story of Caz (23, lazy, unemployed and clumsy) who is trying to get an internship on Australia’s number one soap opera ‘Next Door’. However, her high school nemises, Ralph, turns up in her life just at the rightContinue reading “Going Our Way”